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Your body repair business in your pocket.
How it began.

Have you ever wondered if you quoted the correct price for each potential customer that asks for a quote on their body repairs?

Ever asked yourself "Did I price too high?", "Did I charge enough?" Or "Why didn't they book in?".


If so, then you're not alone... I often asked myself these questions.

I needed a simple way of systematically working out my margins, so that my pricing was accurate enough it meant profit every time, but still competitive enough so I knew I couldn't go any cheaper.

Not only that, I wanted a way to be able to view my estimates, invoices and jobs anytime and a seamless way to book jobs in, straight from the estimate.


Running back to my office or van to grab my diary wasn't a good look!


So SMART Estimator was born.

The mission.

I want to empower vehicle body repairers to become more profitable and professional.


By creating an affordable, all-in-one app for estimating, invoicing and managing.


I believe if you pre-determine your margins, it helps take away the guesswork out of estimating.

Knowing all paint, materials, parts and labour are being paid for, just as they should be.


This will mean increased profits, competitive pricing and a sustainable business.

Our promise.

It's not easy being a body repairer, let alone a business owner.

Dealing with customers, paperwork, and the job itself can be stressful.


The pressure is always on and anything that makes life that little bit easier sounds good to us.

So we will always ensure the app adapts to the suggestions and feedback of it's users, constantly evolving and growing with them.


SMART Estimator App is more than just an app, it's a community.

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Hi my names Tom, I've been in the motor trade since I was 18, starting as an apprentice spray painter in an accident repair shop, gradually working my way up to be an estimator, then starting my journey of having my own small workshop.

I got tired of trying to figure out prices that weren't based on anything other than what popped into my head at the time, so I created SMART Estimator App to help me accurately price jobs, manage my business, get confident with my prices and just make day to day life easier, whilst making more money. I hope it helps you too.

Tom Hunt
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