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After moving from being a Bodyshop technician to a business owner, you learn one or two things.

Here are the key things I have learned, hopefully, they help you too.

1. It's ok to say no to jobs you have a bad feeling about.

Whether a car has got a poor previous repair you don't want to get involved with, or the customer is giving off bad vibes, politely decline the job if it's not for you.

It's your duty to protect your business - nobody else.

2. Always take a booking deposit

Even if it's only 10% of the job or the price of the parts, put in your estimate notes on the app that it is required on every job to secure the booking.

If the customer is hesitant about this then it raises the question, are they wasting your time and are they actually serious about getting their vehicle repaired?

3. Stick to YOUR standards, not the customers.

When a customer says they only want a "quick job" or they don't want to pay for a blend to ensure a good colour match, it's time to pause and think.

Do you really want to put your name on that job if it doesn't turn out right because the customer wanted to save some cash?

Because it will only be you and your business reputation that suffers.

With SMART Estimator App you can create default estimate notes that appear on all your estimates, as well as include job notes that stipulate any agreements made at the point of estimate with the customer to reduce any future issues.

The app also supports the ability to select whether you have taken a deposit for the job, how much for, and how much was paid which is automatically added to the estimate/invoice.

Not only that, when selecting a panel to repair or paint, you have the ability to add comments which will appear on the customer's estimate/invoice under the panel selected to include any important information about the work carried out on that panel, for example, "the repair on this doesn't include the rust found on the bottom of the wing/fender"

Click here to start your free trial.

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