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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Wayne masking a car ready for paint

A top performing SMART Repairer, Wayne Beardmore AKA Damage Undone informs us what it takes to be a success, and stay on top of the game, not just in SMART repairs but in owning a body repair business.

1. What got you into SMART Repairs?

I got into smart repairs because my family has always been in the motor trade and when I moved to the UK from Kenya, I was in a dead end job and it just wasn’t for me. So I set myself up as a mobile Repairer and took it from there.

2. What top tip would you give to anyone looking to start their own Smart repair business and go for it?

It's simple. You need drive, determination and the ability to get out of bed everyday come rain or shine, because if you don’t go and get that work, it won’t come to you and inevitably the business will fail.

3. What's your best investment for under £100?

I’d say it has to be my snap on trim removal tool because I must use it at least 2 or 3 times a day, it's just really useful and well made, so worth having in your tool kit.

4. What guns do you recommend for achieving that ultimate finish?

My favourite SMART gun is the 1mm Devilbiss Sri PROLITE

My favourite gun for larger jobs, for base coat is the DV1 1.2mm

And for clear it’s currently the new DV1 Clear 1.2mm, but I do really like the Walcom Genesis Carbonio 360 on a 1.3mm set up .

5. What lacquer do you recommend for smart repairs and why?

That’s easy it’s the Octoral C450 5:1, I feel it just performs, lays well, no gloss drop, de-nibs nicely and has never let me down.

6. Why do you think customers come to you instead of the competition, what do you do that's different?

I’m pretty black and white, I say it as it is. Put yourself in their shoes, they don't want to make a costly bad decision, you're helping to make their decision when they call or message you, so when they come to me I look after them like I would like to be looked after, and don’t make the job bigger than it needs to be.

My customers trust me and that is priceless, because they tell all their friends or family and always return if they need too. Build trust and you'll build profit.

7. How do you deal with customers who try to knock your price?

There will always be another repairer cheaper than me but doesn’t mean they will offer the same level of service or quality of products, so if it’s a cheap job they want, then I politely turn them away.

You need to charge the right price to ensure your business is sustainable, anyone can be cheap but not everyone can do a quality job, that's why I like the idea of SMART Estimator, you set your margins so they are accurate enough it means profit with every panel, but set up so they’re competitive knowing I can’t go any cheaper.

8. When things go wrong, for example, needing to do a rework, how do you deal it (from your thought process to the actions you take)

We are only human and at the end of the day there will always be a job that doesn’t go to plan but the skill is knowing how to rectify it.

I believe honesty is the best policy, just let your customers know it’s not to your standards and that you want to rectify it, apologize for the slight delay and fix it.

It's hard at first when you tell them but they trust and respect you more because of it, and because you've told them, they're more likely to say don't worry about it as you've given them that control.


There you have it, if you'd like to know more, follow Wayne on Instagram @damageundone where you'll find even more techniques, products and other useful information, from plastic welding to interior repairs, Wayne is a natural teacher and as friendly as they come.

You'll learn how to professionally weld bumpers to the highest level, in turn saving your customers a tonne of money which they will love you for.

Don't forget we all earn more from repairing than replacing, so well worth the investment if you ask us!


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